Mortal Flesh, The Last Hero of Pompeii

ISBN 989-0-9838485-6-1


This is the first volume of a saga. Cuerpo Mortal has been translated into English as "Mortal Flesh, The last Hero of Pompeii", Sigillum Publishers, Winter 2012.



The Time Chronicles saga, is a Sci-fi collection that has several historical settings  thanks to the artifices of time travel. It recounts the adventures of Marcus and his friends travelling through time throughout Earth’s history, trying to assemble a forbidden machine—its parts have been hidden in different eras —the only device that can save the planet from imminent destruction. They will form the “Alliance of the Protectors” and possibly save the day.




Marcus Poppeus knows he is a patrician and that he belongs to an ancestral linage of Romans, but he doesn’t have any idea of who he really is. He is attracted to a slave in his household and he falls in love with her. His parents find out and send the girl far away. This starts a long separation during which he discovers his true identity through an adventure that involves gods, demigods, superpowers, a devastating love triangle, and a city in the brink of destruction, in desperate need of a hero.


Mortal Flesh's plot takes place in the ancient Roman Empire. The setting is in the city of Pompeii, known for its destruction under tons of lava and ash in 79 A.D. The story starts three months before this tragedy occurs, and then the countdown begins. The narrative pulls the characters down a road where not everyone is who he appears to be. The tension increases in this page-turner with each secret that is unveiled with unpredictable developments.


With elegance and intelligence Ana Costa Alongi re-creates the ancient world on the brink of disaster. This is a monumental adventure of epic fantasy.


The book Mortal Flesh and its Spanish edition, Cuerpo Mortal, have been awarded the following prizes:


Mortal Flesh awarded:


• Best fantasy/Sci-fi 2013, second place, International Latino Book Awards

• Best fantasy/Sci-fi, first place, Latino Books into Movies Awards


Cuerpo Mortal awarded:


• Best Fantasy 2012, Global Ebook Awards

• Honorable Mention in Romance 2012, Global Ebook Awards

• The Mariposa Award 2013, second place, International Latino Book Awards






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